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We value our patients' experience at Progressive Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Brett Eimermann and Dr. Nicky Eimermann

  • Shoulder Pain (78 year old female)
    I have been a patient at Progressive Chiropractic for over two years for low back pain and neck discomfort. Dr. Eimermann gently aligns my spine so that I can continue to do the things I love without pain or sacrifice. For two months I had right shoulder discomfort and it kept getting worse. I had trouble putting on my clothes, preparing food and even combing my hair. Attempting to get dishes out of the kitchen cupboards was totally out of the question. I had trouble sleeping and wasn't sure what to do. So during a routine office visit, I mentioned my pain to Dr. Eimermann. He told me that he may be able to help with my shoulder as well and after doing a few tests he determined he could indeed help! After just one treatment I felt 100% better. I not only slept through the night but I also got up and grabbed a coffee mug from the top of the cupboards! I couldn't believe it. Now I make sure to have my shoulder checked along with the rest of my spine to keep me going strong. No longer will I ever wait to see if Dr. Eimermann can help. 
  • Low Back Pain (36 year old female)
    Over the period of 10 years I was always experiencing lower back pain. I could not sleep in bed very often and slept in my recliner most of the time. At times I would not bend over for fear that I would not be able to stand back up. I had been to physical therapy and that didn't seem to help. So I turned to Dr. Eimermann for help. He noticed a flare up in my lower right back right away. Dr. Eimermann took the time to sit down and listen to my frustrations. He devised a plan of treatments and exercises to help strengthen my back. Over time it got better and now I am able to sleep in my bed without any pain. I can even stand for periods of time without my back hurting. The staff at Progressive Chiropractic was very good to work with and I would recommend them to anyone! Dr. Eimermann pinpoints the problems and devises a plan right away to get you back where you need to be.
  • Severe Headaches (57 year old female)
    Before I came to Progressive Chiropractic I was having severe headaches every 26-28 days that lasted 3 days each time. This had been happening for 12 years! Over those 12 years I tired natural hormones, arthritis medication, muscle relaxers, pain medication, anti-inflammatory drugs and several migraine prescriptions. The pain was masked at the time but never eliminated. After completing my care plan with Dr. Eimermann, I can now get a treatment when I feel a headache coming on and it is gone within a few hours. I no longer have to suffer for 3 days. I can go about my daily routine and not live in fear of the next headache to strike because I now know how to get relief. Not only that, I feel better overall and get more restful sleep especially when I do the stretching and exercises suggested by Dr. E. If I were asked if I recommended the Doctors at Progressive Chiropractic I would say absolutely because they are dedicated, caring individuals who want your overall health to improve for the long term. They want to help you live a better life, not just treat your current pain. 
  • Severe Neck Pain (63 year old female)
    I was experiencing back pain and severe neck pain when I decided to go to Progressive Chiropractic at the urging of my daughter. I had suffered with the neck pain for seven years and it had become almost unbearable in the last year. I had seen three doctors (one of them being a specialist), been given muscle relaxants, cortisone shots in my spine and went to physical therapy but none of it gave me any long term relief from the pain. After going though my treatment plan with Dr. NIcky I was able to do things I hadn't done in years! I can turn my head to back my car up, shake wrinkles out of clothes and hang them up, vacuum, clean the house, work outside and so on. I now feel capable of more activities, whereas before the treatment I could not do much of anything. My whole outlook on life is better because I am not in pain all of the time. If I hadn't begun chiropractic treatments when I did I feel certain I would have had to have surgery. Dr. Nicky saved me from all of the miseries of a surgery that may or may not have worked. 
  • Back and Hip Pain (74 year old male)
    For 7 years I had been experiencing back and hip pain. I was in pain almost all of the time and walking was always a challenge. Even getting a good nights rest was hard. I started seeing Dr. Brett Eimermann in 2009. He really listened to me and came up with a treatment plan that helped me tremendously! I have gone faithfully every week. With his help my pain was relieved and I could walk without pain once again. I also noticed an improvement in my range of motion which made it easier for me to exercise. It is such a relief to be able to sleep at night once again and wake up with no pain in my back and hip. I would recommend Dr. Brett to anyone that is having problems with aches and pains. Not only do the adjustments help, but he also gives you tips to use while you are at home such as exercises and stretches. 
  • Severe Lower Back Pain (72 year old male)
    When I went in to see Dr. Eimermann for the first time I was experiencing severe lower back pain. I had struggled with it for as long as I can remember and was then in the middle of one of the most severe episodes. Previous to seeing Dr. Brett I had been given an epidural with steroids in attempt to relieve the pain but it was completely ineffective. I had also seen other chiropractors but had seen no long term improvement in my condition. On the first visit with Dr. Eimermann, he did a thorough exam and took x-rays of the area and came up with an accurate diagnosis. From that point on he was very direct and to the point about what needed to be done and how it was going to be accomplished. I never had any questions about my treatment because he kept me informed through every step! After finishing my treatment plan with Dr. Eimermann, I was able to return to golfing and could carry out my daily activities virtually PAIN FREE! I can't remember the last time I could do that. I would recommend Dr. Eimermann to anyone and everyone with back pain! 
  • Whiplash (41 year old female)
    I came to Progressive Chiropractic because I had been in a small fender bender and had gotten whiplash. I was in excruciating pain and could not turn my head at all because of the severe muscle spasms in my neck and upper back. They were able to get me in right away and Dr. EImermann was very careful to figure out exactly what was going on before he did anything. He wanted to make sure he didn't do more damage than good. It wasn't long after I started being treated by Dr. Eimermann that my pain was completely gone but I needed to continue treatment to strengthen the area that had been damaged so that the pain did not return later. Throughout the course of care for my whiplash, I started to see other improvements to my health that I did not expect in the beginning. I now sleep much better and the pain in my right shoulder is completely gone! In fact, I haven't been woken up in the middle of the night with pain for 10 nights in a row now! I had a great experience at Progressive Chiropractic. Drs. Brett and Nicky are both very professional and I was treated wonderfully. I would recommend them to anyone!
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Pain (61 year old female)
    When I first came to Progressive Chiropractic I was experiencing excruciating, knife like pain in my right upper back/shoulder. I had been suffering with this pain for about a month. It was affecting my life in several ways, but most importantly it was making it hard to work. Through completion of my health care plan, my pain was relieved and I was able to return to work without experiencing pain while I was there. On top of this, Dr. Eimermann worked with me on my posture. Through instruction, hands on muscle training and extensive conversations he has helped me improve the bad posture I had been struggling with for over 20 years! What I liked most about the care at Progressive Chiropractic was the education about what they were doing with me, the exercises that supported the adjustments and of course, the pain relief in my back and shoulder. I also loved how friendly everyone was. They were always positive and able to explain to me everything that was going on. If I were asked to suggest a chiropractor to someone it would definitely be the doctors at Progressive Chiropractic. I would tell them they are efficient in relieving pain, giving instructions and teaching muscle training. I would also tell them that they would learn that it is not only important to relieve pain, but also to correct misalignment. 
  • Migraine Headaches (20 year old female)
    When I first saw Dr. Nicky I was suffering from migraines and lower back pain. I'd had the symptoms/condition for about three and a half years. Previously I had tried many medications (including but not limited to Vicodin, Topomax and Treximet), seen doctors in the clinic, ER and even a neurologist. I also had CT scans and MRI's done. Part way through my treatment with Dr. Eimermann I was already able to make it through most days without having a migraine and that was a BIG DEAL! It had been a few years since I've had a headache free day! I can also sit all the way through my classes without having to get up to relieve my back pain. I can be a better student now. Without the constant back pain I can sit for longer amounts of time to complete school work and without migraines I can concentrate on the work I am doing. Also, I am able to get better sleep and therefore am able to sleep for a more reasonable amount of time (8-9 hours rather than 12-14 hours a day). I am more alert and productive in my day due to the improved sleep. My moods throughout the day have also improved. Dr. Eimerman was and is very thorough. She asked me multiple questions about my condition. She then checked things out for herself. She let me know what she was doing and why. She and the rest of the staff are very informative, professional and friendly. What I like most about my care was how comfortable I felt. Dr. EImermann makes sure through her interactions with m e (over the phone and at appointments) that I am comfortable and well informed. The service at Progressive Chiropractic is great and thorough. Dr. Nicky is very friendly, honest, reliable and comfortable in her work. I would recommend anyone to Progressive Chiropractic! 
  • Low Back Pain (87 year old female)
    When I first started seeing Dr. Eimermann I had been suffering with lower back pain for several years. I had seen many different doctors for the condition and none of them could help. A little while after I started coming to Progressive Chiropractic my back felt better and I am not able to walk and move around better than before. I love coming to get adjustments from Dr. Eimermann. He and the rest of the staff treat me very well. 
  • Leg Pain (61 year old female)
    When I first came to Progressive Chiropractic I was experiencing excruciating leg pain that made it impossible to enjoy life or get any sleep. I had suffered with the pain for five months and had seen two medical doctors for the condition. Blood work was done twice and came back normal both times so I was put on pain killers and muscle relaxers, which offered me no relief at all. At Progressive Chiropractic, I was treated very kindly and everyone who worked there seemed genuinely interested in my condition. They were determined to help me get relief from my pain. Dr. Eimermann was gentle and explained everything along the way. I never had a question that went unanswered. After following through with my care plan set up by Dr. Eimermann I am absolutely pain free! I can sit in my chair at night and actually relax, read and watch television, garden outside and do my housework. Most importantly though, I can sleep! I didn't know how important all of these things were to me until I could no longer do them. I am very thankful for Dr. Eimermann and everyone at Progressive Chiropractic for helping me find relief from my leg pain and giving me my life back. I would recommend Progressive Chiropractic to anyone and everyone.
  • Hand and Arm Numbness (44 year old female)
    I have been suffering for a very long time with hand numbness and pain radiating up into my shoulder and neck. The pain would wake me up at least two times every night. I had suffered for a long time thinking that I needed to have surgery but I wasn't ready to accept that and make that decision. After visiting with the doctors at Progressive Chiropractic about relief for this type of pain I went ahead with an evaluation and from there treatment. After treatment and following their exercise program I had profound relief. I had not realized how much pain I had been suffering from or the lack of movement in my neck. I can sleep through the night now! I am not suffering from the pain or numbness in my arm anymore. I am very pleased with the results I have received. A big thank you to Progressive Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic, PC.
  • Infant Care (4 month old female)
    We brought our baby in when she was 3 months old. She was having several problems at that point including spitting up after every feeding, incessant crying everyday and was unable to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. We had been in and out of the pediatricians office multiple times and were prescribed several medications. None of them decreased her symptoms. We were desperate for help when we finally came to the chiropractor due to her grandmother suggesting it. After the first adjustment she fell asleep on the way home and slept for 6 hours straight! Now, just one month later she is a different baby. She only cries once in a while, spits up less and sleeps for hours at a time. We couldn't be happier about the care we received at Progressive Chiropractic. The doctors there actually pay attention to our needs and love to help when it is needed

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